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Where I Shop

The fashion universe can be overwhelming. And that’s not an overstatement. In fact, the fashion aficionados that we are have tons of choices when it comes to places, brands, styles, price points to choose from to refresh our wardrobe. And picking the few that will meet our fashion taste is not an easy task. As one who visits malls often, I tend to shop at the big retail chains that have stores everywhere, simply because seeing them around keeps them top of mind when I’m looking for new things to wear. And though I visit stores often, most of my purchasing activity takes place online. Why? First because I find it easier to search online inventories. I like typing “sweater” and seeing everything that’s available, filtering the list however I want to get to the color, size, style that I’m after. Another reason why I prefer online shopping is because online has tall sizes. Yes, when you need the extra inches on your pants, a drive to the store is vain as most stores only carry regular lengths. So at 5’10”, my only option to find pants that don’t look like capris is to go online. And last but not least, who doesn’t love to get a package in mail? Even when you know exactly what’s in the box, there’s something about unboxing that makes the item all the more special. And that’s the fun part with shopping from your smartphone!

Here are my 10 favorite places to shop (in no particular order). Click on the links to find out why 😃


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