Army Style

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Don’t you just love it when you find pieces that work so well together it looks like they were sold as one package? This army green lace top and lace-up booties were definitely made for each other!

Staycation in Waconia

Dresses, Summer Style, Weekend Style

Ok ladies! Let me reveal this to you: I never go without a bra! Yes bras can be annoying and uncomfortable, but when your cup size is in the multiple D’s, you do your best to find bras that you can live with!

The hubby, kids, and myself are in staycation mood this weekend, and hanging out at the Lake Waconia beach!

Dot 🔴 Dot 🔴 Dot ðŸ”´

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Remember that berry dress I wore a few weeks ago? I painted it black with white dots 😄 What, you don’t believe me?!?! Ok, maybe you shouldn’t!!!

Breaking the Ice

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Most of my interactions at work are virtual. That is, I rarely get to meet people face to face. Meetings are conference calls, and voices are… voices. Not everybody has a photo on their employee profile so there’s really no way to put a face on the voice. Talk about virtual!

When I first started working,