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How to Style Bold Wide-Leg Linen Pants for the Summer

Summer is synonymous with linen season. It's the time of the year when heavier fabrics make room for lighter ones, and when staying cool becomes the practical thing to do. Linen has taken hold as the warm season fabric thanks to its light weight, mainstream appeal, and sartorial versatility. It's one of my favorite materials and the one I wear the most during the warm seasons. Linen comes in a variety of styles including dresses, button-down shirts, shorts, tops, and also pants. As you already know, I am partial to wide-leg pants for the comfort and ease they deliver. And when it comes to linen clothing, wide-leg pants - especially colorful ones - are my go-to Summer bottom for dressier and casual looks alike. There are endless ways to style a pair of colorful wide-leg linen pants. Here are a few that will jolt your fashion creative juices!

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Summer casual outfit with colorful red wide-leg linen pants and sleeveless white top, J.Crew linen, Karen Millen pants, Summer fashion.

One simple way to style colorful wide-leg linen pants is to pair them with a white sleeveless linen top, flat raffia shoes, and a large raffia tote. Raffia accessories add an instant chic and casual flair to any outfit, really. The white top and red bottom create a fun color combination that is great for weekend errands and casual outings. 

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Summer casual outfit with colorful red wide-leg linen pants and linen shirt, J.Crew linen shirt, Karen Millen pants, Summer fashion, belted outfit, raffia belt style, Summer strappy sandals, large tote style.

If you're going for an elevated casual look built on a colorful pair of wide-leg pants, opt for a neutral-toned shirt with neutral accessories and shoes. Low-heel sandals, a belt, and a leather tote are simple yet effective ways to elevate a casual look. Here the bold red hue is balanced with a tan neutral making the look wearable even for those who might not be too keen on bold color. This preppy outfit delivers Summer office workwear style and lunch date outfit vibes.

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Summer casual outfit with colorful red wide-leg linen pants and denim lady jacket, J.Crew jacket, Karen Millen pants, Summer fashion, platform sandals, Summer weekend style.

Weekend style is best achieved with a dose of denim! To give your colorful wide-leg linen pants an easygoing and weekend casual allure, opt for a denim jacket. Lady jackets are still very much in vogue, and a denim one is an effortless way to add chic to wide-leg pants. To dial up the weekend vibe, I suggest opting for bold strap platform sandals. These deliver maximum comfort while giving the look that urban, streetstyle touch.

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Summer outfit with colorful red wide-leg linen pants and linen blazer, Summer suiting, colorful Summer outfit, Karen Millen pants, matching linen set, Summer fashion.

 Just because it's Summer doesn't mean you can't rock a suit! Suits can be worn year-round and in the Summer, linen suiting is the way to go to look the part and stay cool at the same time. Bold, colorful linen pants paired with a matching blazer are an easy way to make a style statement at work and off-hours. For layering your blazer, go for a lightweight bodysuit in a soft and breathable material. For accessories, a neutral shoulder bag and strappy sandals are perfect for achieving a dressy, office-ready outfit that can also be worn to happy hour and weekend events.

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