Farotelle fashion influencer stylist wearing green jeans with green sweater

6 Ways to Style Green Jeans for Work and Weekends

Thought blue jeans were the be-all and end-all of denim? Think again. Color is having a major moment on the fashion scene and that trend can be seen with denim taking on more character with bold shades of red, yellow, and even green. Check out these six wearable yet statement-making denim looks featuring green wide leg denim pants.

1. Green Jeans with a Red Blazer and Red Accessories

Make an entrance at work or brunch with bold color-blocking. Whether you're looking at spicing up a Summer day, or disrupting Fall's earthy palette, you're sure to hit the mark with a saturated green and bright red combo! Here I paired my one and only fave green denim pants with a red cami and red blazer for a look that's halfway between preppy and whimsical. 

A black woman wearing a colorful outfit with green wide leg green jeans and a red blazer. The overall look is color-blocked.


2. Green Jeans with a Green Blouse

Try green on green for days when you want to go monochromatic, but not boring. For an added color effect, throw on minimal, contrasting accessories.

3. Green Jeans with a White Halter Bodysuit

Casual style can be so much more than we tend to make it! Try a fitted bodysuit with wide leg jeans to create that simple yet polished look perfect for errands and outings alike.

4. Green Jeans with a Yellow Blazer

When it comes to color-blocking, the sky's the limit! Put a gutsy spin on classic style with an eye-catching yellow blazer and green jeans combination. Not only will you turn heads, you will also inspire all the neutral-palette-aficionados around you to venture out of their comfort zone.

5. Green Jeans with a Brown Blazer

If you didn't know, now you know that green and brown are a special combo! The classic and more serious vibe of brown balances the fun flair of the green jeans perfectly and actually makes the green pop even more, don't you think? This look delivers a striking alternative to the typical office black-on-black suit and lets everybody around you know that you're not afraid to shake things up and express yourself.

Fashion influencer Farotelle wearing green wide leg jeans with a brown belted blazer. She's posing in a city street.



Fashion influencer Farotelle wearing green wide leg jeans with a brown belted blazer. There's a building with windows in the background.

6. Green Jeans with a Belted Denim Shirt

Has it ever crossed your mind that the Canadian tuxedo, which we all like to call "denim-on-denim", could take on a color-blocked spin? Well, case in point is this outfit featuring green jeans with a traditional blue wash denim shirt. This look is as easy to put together as bread and butter and still manages to deliver all kinds of punch! I should say that this Sergio Hudson wide green belt goes a long way to bring playful coordination to this ensemble and elevate the look. 



So... you have no more excuses for shying away from colorful denim. Colorful jeans are more versatile than you think, whether they be green, red, or any color that strikes your fancy! Leave a comment and share what color you'll go for and how you'll be styling it! 

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