Before I get to the outfits, let me talk about the most important item on today’s to-do list: prank the boys and the hubby. Why? Because they got me really well yesterday. So this is the routine: i drop off the kids in the morning and the hubby picks them up in the afternoon. And usually when they get back from school, the kids walk in first and yell “mummy” and the hugging and how-was-your-day chat get started. Last night though, the hubby walked in first. Then asked me where the kids were. Of course I said “you were going to pick them up.” Then he acts really annoyed, and says that he thought I would pick them up. He grabs his keys again from the kitchen counter and walks back to the garage. It’s 5:55 pm. I went into panick mode because I knew we wouldn’t make it back to both school and preschool before close time: 6:00pm. I ran to the garage cause something I had a hunch Ben was probably pranking me (again). I looked in the car from outside of it, and didn’t see the kids on the back seat. That’s when my heart started to beat really fast. Then I opened the back door, and there they were, down on the car floor, bent so I wouldn’t see them from outside. And they all yelled “we got you!” 😄 So now you understand why I need to come up with something to get them too!

Now back to fashion cause that’s what puts me back into a good mood after being pranked like that!

You know how much I love a sweater dress! Well I also love love love a sweater skirt, especially a sweater pencil skirt. First because they’re perfect to create those polished office looks during the winter, but also because of their fit: they tend to be a little more “hugging” than regular pencil skirts. So over the last few days, I indulged in pencil skirt outfits!

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Skirt: here or here

Turtleneck sweater: here

Cropped Sweater: here (only $65 ✨)

Boots: here (got those grey ones for only $50 ✨Black ones are on the way 😁)

Skirt (mine is from 3 years ago but I’m linking similar ones): here or here

Shirt Bodysuit: here or here

Boots (mine are from 3 years ago but I’m linking similar ones) : here or here or here or here

Sleeveless Top: here or here