Temp here today: 24 F ❄️☀️

So you understand why I want to talk about good coats!

When you live in MN or any other cold place, your coat becomes your outfit during the winter. You must have it on outside, and sometimes even leave it on while you are indoor, because you either want to be hands-free, don’t want to bother finding the coat check counter, or are still trying to warm up after spending five minutes walking from the parking ramp to the theater.

So it’s important that you find a coat you love as much as or even more than the sweater you wear underneath just because you and others will see more of the coat!

Here I paired skinny jeans with my fav puffer coat and matching ankle boots/leg warmers for a cozy, chic, and north-pole ready outfit! And you know me! I had to throw a belt on it to personalize the look a little bit 😁😁😁

Shop the Look

Puffer Jacket: here or here or here (this is the one I have on. Currently more than 60% so make sure you check it out!!!)

Jeans: here

Boots: here

Leg Warmers: here

And finally just for fun, a selfie!!!