It’s winter in MN! Temps have been below freezing point, and we had our first real snowfall this past weekend. The kids were excited to be able to play in the snow, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough of it to have fun with it! Nor was there enough of it to require serious shoveling of the driveway. That made the hubby happy! Shoveling snow is definitely not his cup of tea! My concern with snowfall is not about the driveway or play, it’s about driving. I dread driving after snowfall. The roads can be slippery, and the commute to work can be a little long. But luckily for me this time what I thought would have slowed down my routine actually didn’t. The roads were perfectly manageable.

Now back to my outfits. I put together a couple of cozy outfits featuring full skirts to add a little fun and flirty vibe to the cold weather days.

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