Yesterday was Cyber Monday. And I did really well! I checked out tons of deals online, but only made a couple of purchases. I’m finally starting to show some compassion to my bloated closet J I used to go “wild” on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, especially when my sister was around. We would wake up super early in the morning like at around 4am to get ready and be at the mall before the shops were even open! And we would shop, and shop, and shop! And then go home, and create all sorts of fun outfits with our new clothes. But then, she relocated, I got married, had kids, and the fun of Black Friday sort of went away.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m still out there checking out different things all the time, I just don’t do any special shopping on Black Friday. This year, I ordered a new vacuum cleaner because our old one is not working very well. I also bought boots from Michael Kors, and a metallic puffer jacket from Macy’s. I’m excited to create outfits with those two so stay tuned for the big reveals!

While we wait for those goodies to show up in the mail, let’s come back to this outfit.

I love a sweater dress that is not black or neutral. So I jumped on this one the first time I spotted it. The color is a beautiful berry tone that works well for the office. The dress also has some weight to it, which is key when you live in MN and are trying to stay warm while being stylish. I ordered my regular size, but found that it gapped a little bit at the waist so I topped it off with a matching belt for a BERRY monochromatic look. Definitely one I’ll have on repeat this season!

Same for the coat! I used to love details on my coats: double-breasted coats with tons of buttons, army-style coats with shoulder and wrist tabs, pockets everywhere.  However these days, all I want on my coats are a big collar and an assorted belt. This one doesn’t only meet my minimalist needs, it’s also warm, classy, and comes in an array of neutral colors.

Check out the dress and the coat now!!! They’re currently 50% off so hurry before they’re gone!

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Dress: here

Belt: here

Boots: here

Coat: here