Yesterday was Halloween 🎃🎃🎃 so I tagged along with one of my neighbors and together we went took our 5-year olds trick-or-treating. They loved it! We set out to do a couple of cul-de-sacs, they wanted to go everywhere. So we did a good chunck of the neighborhood! Now I’m trying to find a good hiding place for all that candy so the kids don’t overdose on sugar!

Now back to this outfit: I wore a plaid skirt with a sweater, tall boots, a wide belt, and my fav scarf of the season! I hesitated a little bit on the scarf I must admit. I thought it would be too much plaid! But then I thought “why not? I love plaid!” So for Halloween, I dressed up as me, the plaid obsessed 😄🎃

I wore this to the the office and received tons of compliments on the skirt and the red theme! If you like this outfit too, here is where you can shop it:

Skirt: here

Sweater: here

Belt: here

Boots: here or here