I love shoes. I believe that shoes make the outfit. In fact no matter what I’m wearing, if I’m wearing dressy shoes (pumps), I feel dressed up. And if I’m wearing sneakers, I feel casual (even if it’s with the sharpest suit).

I love sneakers. I love the casual touch they add to outfits, and how comfortable they are. The good thing these days is that sneakers come in all shapes and forms. You have wedge-heeled sneakers, leather sneakers, cutout sneakers, sock-bootie type sneakers, and so on. But for me, nothing says casual chic more than platform sneakers.

I love having a platform that contrasts with the top part of the shoe for some fun color-blocking. My oldest son on the other hand would not wear anything with a platform. First, boys don’t get the fun shoes 😜 and secondly he’s starting to not like being the tallest kid at school. I was a tall kid too, and the thing with being taller is that people think you’re older and expect so much more out of you, which can be hard on a kid! The other hard part is that the schools are generally not configured for taller kids. Seeing him trying to sit comfortably at his desk during open house made me a little sad! And the other day he emailed me in the morning telling me he couldn’t jump rope during gym class because they didn’t have a rope long enough for him. I told him it was ok! And the hubby and I keep reminding him that one day, he’ll be grateful for being tall. I am on the taller side, and have never wished to be shorter. In fact, the girl loves high heels and platform sneakers 😁 And these black and white ones have got to be my favorite.

I purchased them during a recent sale where everything was at 25% off! First I ordered my regular size, which turned out to be way to big so I had to return it and order a couple of different sizes down to see which one would fit better.

Then I started planning the outfits I would wear with them. Who says sneakers says jeans so of course I tried them with jeans first! Now I’m thinking about pairing them with a midi sweater dress and a hat. That will be fun so stay tuned 😃

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Scarf: here

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Also if you wanna see more outfits with these sneakers, just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to create some and share them with you!

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