Transitioning between seasons is always bittersweet for me. You shop new fun things for the season, create outfits, feel good wearing them, get attached, and then you have to let go of them and start over again with a new set of things. Don’t get me wrong, I love boots and sweaters, but I also love love love espadrilles wedges. So when the summer ends, I always feel a little sad that i won’t get to wear my espadrilles shoes for another 7 months! The same goes for my light and flowy dresses, and this year particularly, for my fitted strapless jumpsuit! I couldn’t let go of that last one, so I thought of a few ways to keep it in the rotation for a little longer!

Here are 5 outfit ideas to keep wearing your summer jumpsuit during the fall: ➡️

Look 1: With a denim jacket and lace-up booties

The perfect weekend outfit! Works for day-time errands, or night outings 🥂

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Jumpsuit (here)

Denim jacket (here or here or here )

Lace-up Booties (here or here)

Look 2: With a structured blazer and ankle boots

Perfect for the office!

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Blazer (here or here or here or here)

Boots (here or here or here)

Look 3: With a plaid shirt and platform sneakers

Nothing says cool, relaxed, and weekend ready like a tied-up plaid shirt!

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Plaid Shirt (here or here or here or here)

Sneakers (here or here or here)

Look 4: with a sleeveless vest

I love the “strong” touch that this military vest adds to this feminine jumpsuit! Perfect for brunch with friends or a night time outing!

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Vest (here)

Belt (here)

Look 5: with an oversized sweater, and open-toe booties

What I love about oversized sweaters is how they can polish, yet relax a look! I’m sure I’m confusing the heck out of you right now but I do feel that an oversized sweater can do a lot of things depending on how you choose to wear it! Here I went for a more polished look with a belt! For the relaxed version, I would go without the belt, and wear sneakers!

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Sweater (here)

Animal print belt (here)

Open-toe booties (here or here or here)

Inspired by these looks 😃? Make sure to leave a comment below and let me know which look is your fav!

Also if you wanna see more jumpsuit outfits, just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to create some and share them with you!

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