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I don’t know which comes first: whether it’s because I need a belt that I like belts, or if it’s because I like a belt that I feel like I need one. A little bit of a chicken and the egg situation 😄

The more I think about it, the more I think I need a belt. I’ve told you before, I have a small waist, and haven’t found a pair of pants that would fit my hips and not gap at the waist. So belts are my friends! They hold everything together nicely so I don’t have to keep pulling my pants up! However the thing with regular buckle belts is that sometimes I just don’t want the “buckle bulge” under my shirt when I want to wear it untucked. And that’s where this lovely belt comes into play.

It’s a no-show belt that attaches to the front loops and pulls the excess material back so you end up with a nice clean front view! I wore it here with my shirt tucked in but the reason I purchased it was to get rid of the bulge with untucked shirts. Cool don’t you think?

Do you also need to wear belts often to keep your pants in place?

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