Dress: Jessica Howard | Shoes: Coach

I’m always so tempted to stock up when end of season sales hit. That is when items you’ve been eyeing the whole season go down 60 to 70% and you feel so good about your purchases 😁 even pat yourself on the back for your bargain shopping skills!

The only drawback to buying summer clothes at the end of summer, is that you don’t get to wear them for about 7 months! Which is kind of ok for staple pieces that never get old, but can be a gamble for the more trendy pieces that could be completely outdated by the time the trees turn green again.

I haven’t done a lot of end of season shopping for myself, but have done it a lot for my kids, and turns out Haris no longer likes all of the shorts I purchased at $2 a couple of summers ago. Talk about a gamble!

Now, this dress is currently on sale at Macy’s. And I debated on whether i should get it now, or just check back next year. The thing is, I fell in love with the color, the tiers, the sash, and just grabbed it! It looks like one that will be a staple dress because of its simplicity, yet interesting details.

How do you like it? Do you also shop end of season sales or just do it at the beginning of the season? Let’s chat!

Dress: Jessica Howard Tiered Fit and Flare Dress at Macy’s

Shoes: Coach

Bag: Bvlgari