Dress: Ann Taylor | Shoes: Marc Fisher LTD | Bag: Henri Bendel

There’s something about being able to return an item that makes the purchasing process easy. Take it home, try it on under your own lights, pair it with other things from your closet, and decide whether it’s a keeper or not. Easy-peasy, right?

But what about when sales are final?

This “F” word makes it hard for me to commit on the spot! Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the prices that come with final sales, but I always feel nervous that if the item doesn’t work, well… maybe it’ll have to join the pile heading to GoodWill!

This dress was a final sale from Ann Taylor. I spotted it on the rack, tried it on, felt unsure about it, thought about how I could accessorize it to take it up a notch, and finally decided to take it home. If nothing else, my magic black belt would make it all ok!

Same thing for the bag. Not only a final sale, an online final sale at HenriBendel.com! Here there’s no touching and feeling the product to decide whether it’s a fit or not! The best you can do is to get an idea from the photos, try to browse the web to see what others who have bought it think about it, and take the plunge! I was a little anxious during the 3 days I waited for it to arrive. And when it did, I must say that I was pleased with it, even though I found it a tad smaller than what I was expecting. But oh well, it’s a keeper! A nice pop of color for my black and white outfits 💙

Then the shoes! Another online final sale at MarcFisherFootwear.com! Now compared to the bag, these ones were a little hard to jump on! I loved how they looked, thought the price was right, but wow, buying shoes online without trying them on and not being able to return them?!?! That’s hard! I tried to read some product reviews, took a close look at every photo of the product I could find, and then clicked on “place order” 😱 no buyer’s remorse! I love love love how they fit, and their retro feel! Plus they have ankle straps and ya’ll know this girl loves an ankle strap 😍😍😍

So what about you? How do you feel about final sales? Can you share a photo of something you’ve bought recently that was a final sale?