Pants: Express | Blazer: White House Black Market | Bag: Louis Vuitton

God bless those who created these pants!!! Finding the perfect pair of pants can be such a challenge, especially for the rest of us who are tall, and have some hips and a small waist.

Because what tends to happen is that the hips fit, but the waist gaps, or the waist fits, but there’s zero room in the hips area. Though the high-waist trend solves some of my fit problems, it doesn’t solve all of them, mostly the waist gaping issue (is this really a #firstworldproblem ?😄). So I was head over heels when I saw high-waisted pants, in tall length, with a sash. I thought “someone understands my struggle, and is actually doing something about it!”

Where did I find those pants? on the website. I wasn’t sure how the fabric would look or if my regular Express size would fit, but I took a chance? I had nothing to lose after all! Well, maybe I had some $$$ to lose 😄 but after trying them on, I have zero buyer’s remorse! In fact, I went back and ordered a back-up just in case something happens to the first one. I told before, i’m the queen of fashion contingency planning 😂😂😂

Here I paired the pants with a white tank top and a white blazer for a busy meeting day at the office! I got tons of compliments on the pants, some even commenting how they wouldn’t have thought about dressing up tie-waist pants for work!

So what’s next? I have the same pants in red coming in the mail. Stay tuned to see how I style those! It’ll be fun 💥💥💥

Blazer: White House Black Market Trophy Jacket

Handbag: Louis Vuitton