Lattice Skirt and Top: White House Black Market | Belt: BCBG | Dress Sandals: Marc Fisher LTD

Most of my interactions at work are virtual. That is, I rarely get to meet people face to face. Meetings are conference calls, and voices are… voices. Not everybody has a photo on their employee profile so there’s really no way to put a face on the voice. Talk about virtual!

When I first started working, I was terribly uncomfortable with this kind of setting. I come from a culture where virtual doesn’t mean much, and transactions don’t go very far without in-person chats. So having to work with people I had never met, felt awkward to me. I dreaded virtual meetings. Back then, I would do my best to try and sort things out via email. At least I could organize my thoughts and express them with the right words. That was a time when I was still very conscious of my accent, and the fact that english was a second language for me. So words didn’t always “show up” timely in live interactions!

With time, growing more confident, getting a good handle on the language (to the point where I speak it better than my native french, I think!), and being in leading roles at large corporations, I had to find a way to be more comfortable with virtual interactions.

One of the most important things I had to learn, was to break the ice. See, communication can feel intimidating when you don’t know who’s on the other end, what face they might be making as you go on about your deliverables and deadlines. I started researching riddles and fun facts, and would have them on the first slide of my presentations so participants could engage in casual conversations before getting into the formal meeting topics. That strategy worked so well (especially when the riddle was good!) that it would take a few minutes to get people to refocus their attention on the actual topic.

Everyone loves a fun conversation, so next time you find yourself in a stiff virtual situation try something like this:

“I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have nobody but come alive with wind. What am I?”

Share your answer in the comments! I’d love to know if you can solve this one!

Now let’s refocus out attention on the real topic here, which is my outfit 😄

I paired a lace skirt, with the matching lace top, and high dress sandals for a formal look perfect for weddings and night events! Thoughts? For a more office-appropriate lool, I swapped the lace top for a classic button down shirt and a wide belt. Which look is your favorite? How do you feel about lace? Do you consider it a night time fabric or one you can rock while the sun is out?

Lace Top and skirt: White House Black Market

Shoes: Marc Fisher Harlin

Handbag: Bvlgari

Belt: BCBG