Between braids and I, it’s a love and hate relationship. Love because i find them original, low-maintenance, and versatile! In fact when my hair is in braids, all I worry about in the morning is what to wear, my makeup, and done! No flat irons, no blow drying, no hair shedding in the bathroom (i cannot stand hair on the floor, even when it’s my own!) The morning routine is just nice and easy 😊

But there’s good and bad to (almost) everything, and when it comes to braids, the bad for me is the maintenance. Yes, i said maintenance was a plus, but it’s also a minus. Why? Because I find that I cannot wash my braids as often as I wash my hair. Water takes away from the look of the braids and makes the hair underneath tangle. So when it’s time to take them out, it feels as though all the maintenance I wanted to avoid, hits me at once. The struggle to comb through the hair is real at that point!!!

So this time, as I was anticipating the braid-take-out process, I thought I would just cut off my hair. That’s the only option I could think off that would be low maintenance with the added benefit of being more… washable (I wash my hair twice a day when it’s short!) Plus my husband’s always preferred me with short hair. He thinks I look better with it 😍 so I went for the cut. Still new, but zero remorse so far! I love it! No chemical processing, no blow drying, no flat iron, no hair shedding in the bathroom 👍

My outfit: skinny pants from Gap, a blouse from Express, and a jacket from White House Black Market.

What do think of my new cut? Have you tried short hair before? What do you like about short or long hair? Let’s chat 😃