If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that yesterday was a hard day for me! I’d stayed up super late the night before talking to my friend about our project and all the random girl’s stuff we could think of. For 3️⃣ hours!!! The result? Slow slow slow morning! I must have hit the snooze button 20 times 🕢 trying to extend my sleep by a couple of mns every time. Eventually, I had to get up and get ready because of an early morning meeting. For most people, this would just mean drinking more coffee than usual. For the rest of us who don’t drink coffee, that meant drowsiness and difficulty focusing all day! Kinda like Nyquil’s side-effects without Nyquil 😂What did I do to ease the getting ready process? I gathered some basics to create a simple, easy-to-get-in outfit! Striped wide leg pants and Blazer (Ann Taylor)Strap sandals (Coach)You couldn’t tell I completely improvised on this outfit, could you? 😄