I enjoy shopping. It’s one of those activities that doesn’t require company, and that can actually be relaxing depending on the place where you do it. My typical shopping routine is to randomly browse stores, try on a few things and decide whether or not to take them home. Nothing different from what we all do. Sometimes i solicit the input of the sales staff. That is when I cannot make up my mind in the fitting room because the color is completely out of my comfort zone, or I am not sure how to pair the item to create an outfit I’ll like.When i solve all of those first world problems (yes, coming from an under-developped country, i can tell you those are first world problems!) i make my way to the register to complete the purchase. And then I move on to another store and repeat the same steps, all while wondering if I should have bought the items I bought in the previous store 🤔🛍🛍Talk about a mental process!Then I go home, and in the privacy of my dressing room, i try on the items again, and try to pair them with oldies from the closet to see what I can make of the new ones. This is the part I enjoy the most!!! And then what I do is to “schedule” the outfit for the upcoming days. It is so important to me that I wear the items soon after I purchase them to prove to myself how much I love them! There have been times when I purchased things I liked but ended up returning them because I didn’t wear them for the few weeks (like 4 weeks) following their purchase. I want to make sure I make up my mind before the store return window expires 😰. What about you? How do you go about making sure that you want to keep your fashion finds? Are you one of those who just keeps things once you’ve brought them home? Let’s chat about this!!!