Where are the red, white, and blue here?!?! Well, if you look hard enough, you might see hints of each of those colors! I felt like wearing striped black shorts and a denim colored button-down shirt today, so I did! I have the entire year to show my patriotism, so didn’t feel compelled to wear the independence day uniform today 🇺🇸

How did the day go? Well, it was interesting… it was scattered showers in the morning, humid heat in the afternoon, and partly cloudy by sunset. We weren’t sure whether it would rain in the evening so didn’t really plan to go see the fireworks show. The neighborhood across the street from ours organized a small show that the kids were able to watch from our bedroom window. Then Haris wanted to go to the scene, so we drove across the street (yes we drove, I wasn’t going to walk with him in the dark and get massacred by the mosquitoes!!!). Yaz didn’t feel like coming with us. He thought the window viewing was just fine!

Overall, a restful and uneventful day!


About my outfit:

Shorts: A New Day (Target)

I absolutely love those shorts! They’re made of linen, so are perfect for hot and humid days like today. They also have the perfect length for the rest of us where they provide decent coverage while still looking like shorts!

Shirt: Gap

Belt: BCBG

Watch: Movado

Handbag: Bvlgari