The “F” Word

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There’s something about being able to return an item that makes the purchasing process easy. Take it home, try it on under your own lights, pair it with other things from your closet, and decide whether it’s a keeper or not. Easy-peasy, right?

But what about when sales are final?

Staycation in Waconia

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Ok ladies! Let me reveal this to you: I never go without a bra! Yes bras can be annoying and uncomfortable, but when your cup size is in the multiple D’s, you do your best to find bras that you can live with!

The hubby, kids, and myself are in staycation mood this weekend, and hanging out at the Lake Waconia beach!

The Perfect Black Pants

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God bless those who created these pants!!! Finding the perfect pair of pants can be such a challenge, especially for the rest of us who are tall, and have some hips and a small waist.

Blue Jeans, Turquoise Bag, Black Shoes, Red Bangle


Yesterday was packed with errands: Haris had a birthday party so our first stop was Target to grab a present for his friend. I thought it would be a quick in-n-out but noooooooo! The kid threw a fit because he wanted a present for himself too!

Dot 🔴 Dot 🔴 Dot đŸ”´

Dresses, Handbags, Shoes, Summer Style, Wear to Work, Weekend Style

Remember that berry dress I wore a few weeks ago? I painted it black with white dots 😄 What, you don’t believe me?!?! Ok, maybe you shouldn’t!!!