The life of working parents…

Having children definitely puts a different spin on work-life balance. With school schedules not matching work schedules, after-school activities, kids being sick and not allowed back to school for 24 hours, flexibility in the workplace is a must! And I’ve enjoyed great flexibility everywhere I’ve worked, which has allowed me to maintain some balance between work and everything outside of it.

Recently though, there has been some “noise” and changes at my current employer. The leaders are looking to maximize utilization of the office space. The reason: in order to justify building more office space, we must show that we are at capacity at the current campuses.

So we are going from a very flexible work-from-home policy to one that requires all employees to be in the office at least 4 days a week, and spend at least 9 hours at work. Not only do we want to occupy the space, we’ve also been told that we need to manage “perceptions”. Apparently, working from home can have a negative impact on one’s perception in the workplace.

Not a lot of happy campers with those changes. Most of us are now scrambling to make arrangements for the kids since we won’t be able to work with their schedule as well as before. Some on my team are unhappy that the required hours means they’ll be stuck in traffic everyday.

I’m not happy about losing the flexibility either. I’m usually in the office 4 days a week, so the impact to my routine is minimal. For me, it’s the thought of not having the flexibility should I need it that bothers me the most.

How is it at your workplace? Do you enjoy the flexibility to telecommute as you need, or are the expectations to be in the office stringent? Let’s talk about this!


What am I wearing? A Gap shirtdress, with Stuart Weitzman wedge sandals and mustard yellow accessories for a pop of color 💛💛💛 A shirtdress is the perfect outfit for weekends. It works for errands, dates, walking around the neighborhood, etc. Are you as much of a shirtdress girl as I am?