#Questionoftheday: do you shop at boutiques? I mean the small shops that carry a little bit of everything?

I cannot remember ever purchasing anything from a small boutique. First of all, their displays tend to be “sparse” in my view. And I like my stores to look like they have inventory (not to the degree of department stores, but to the degree where I feel confident that I’ll be able to find my size 😁). Also, I have a tendency to check online before I commit to a purchase at any store. I check to see if I will find a color that I like better, or if the price will be lower, or even if there’s enough inventory that I’ll get a brand new product and not one that everybody’s been testing at the store. And most of the time, I’m able to find exactly what I’m looking for online!

So no, boutiques are not really my thing. What about you? Any you’d recommend I check out?

Now you know my outfit did not come from a boutique! The dress is from White House Black Market. I spotted it on the rack in a size that looked larger than what I would need. But I could tell it would look great on so I went online (as always!!!) and ordered my size. Buyer’s remorse? Not here. I looooooooove it! The color is rich and different, the high-low cut is fun, and the overall feel is flowy. Plus it looks great on!!!

I’m sure you remember the shoes! I paired them with my mustard yellow Ann Taylor dress a few weeks ago. Those red shoes might just become the shoes I pair with my colored summer dresses! They had such a nice pop of color and are super comfy 👠👠

And of course, my favorite bag of the moment! I take it with me all the time!!! I just got it in a new color, so stay tune for the reveal ✨✨✨

Take care friends