The weekend is coming to an end, and so far I don’t feel the Monday blues! In fact, I haven’t had the Monday blues in a while. It’s just going to be another Monday, and just as other Mondays, it too shall pass!

I got a lot done this weekend. Nothing fancy; the usual errands and house clean-up. We also had friends over last night, and they stayed until past midnight! The conversation was so fun we didn’t feel the time go by. We ate, watched TV shows from back home, got a product demo from one in the group who has an apparel business, talked about the different ways we could help her improve her business, etc. It was just a good time!

The hubby is not really into father’s day celebrations so we keep it low it on that end ⬇️

The only snag in my weekend was the fact that we’ll need to have the cars repaired. This is what happened: my car was in the garage, and my husband who always parks his car in the garage, left it on the driveway. I was going out with the kids, and while doing my usual back-up routine (which involves focusing on not touching the edge of the garage door) I heard a scratching noise. That’s when I realized I was backing up into the hubby’s car. Nothing major happened, but both cars will need some touch-up for sure. Oh well! Sh** happens, right?!?! That was a minor dent in the weekend!

How was your weekend? Did you have any mishaps, or was everything hunky-dory?

Have a great week! And remember the weekend will be here again before you know it!!!

Tee and Shorts: Target (AND A New Day)

Shoes: Calvin Klein Janet platform sneakers (Lord and Taylor)