Before I get to the outfit, I have a question for you: do you assess your weight by actually weighting yourself, or by your clothing size?

For me, I assess my weight based on how loose or fitted my clothes look on me. I know I don’t want to be above a certain size so when it starts to feel snug, i know I have to watch the diet for a few days!!!

The clinic won’t take my clothing size as an indicator of how fit I am, so they’ll make me step on the scale, and record the actual 3-digit number!!! Oh, it’s kinda just a number after all, right?!?! 😄

Talking about size, I ordered this lovely jumpsuit from Macy’s in two sizes, and ended up keeping the larger one. Let me tell you right away that the larger one is my normal size, so I’m not going on a diet anytime soon 😄

Jumpsuits can be so tricky for the rest of us with curvier figures so I was eager to get this in the mail and try it on to see how it would go. See for yourself! I love it! The material is light and perfect for the season. I paired it with a red handbag and red shoes to show my patriotic spirit ahead of the July 4 holiday ❤️⚪️💙 what do you think of it? Have you embraced the jumpsuit trend or do you find it difficult to find one that will fit?