So today is kinda the official first day of Yazeed’s summer break. Classes ended on Thursday June 7, i stayed home on Friday (this girl loves long weekends!!!) and today was back to work for me, and for him, it was day 4 of the sleep-in streak!

Him being home meant a more relaxed morning routine for me! I got out of bed later than usual, took my time to get ready, did not have to manage his getting ready routine… it turned out to be another kind of Monday! The kind that doesn’t have you panting by the time you sit down in the car and actually start the run-around!

So obviously, to go with such a good day, I went with an easy, feminine dress with ruffles detail, that I paired with my fav 2-piece sandals of the moment, and my oh-so-cute pompom earrings. What I love about this look 💙 is that it works for so many settings i.e. wedding, girls outing, date, you name it!

What do you think of it?

Dress: Banana Republic

Shoes: Vince Camuto

Earrings: Target

Bag: Amazon