Why is it that women need bags and men don’t?!?! Guys get around with just a small wallet. We, on the other hand need totes, shopping bags, computer bags, big wallets, etc. It’s like getting out of the house turns into a mini trip!

I’ve always been curious to know what exactly we carry in those purses of ours. Spare pantyhoses? Feminine products? Kids diapers?

Here is what I’m currently hauling around in my bag:

– my sunglasses 😎

– my reading glasses 👓

– gum. I only do the Extra jumbo packs. Those cases are super convenient and do not fall apart like the paper packaging does.

– desinfecting wipes. Because there are some things i won’t touch unless I can clean them up a little. And I won’t let the kids eat their fast food unless they wipe their hands with something (God knows where those hands have been at school and daycare!)

– a bottle of water. I try to avoid buying a single bottle of water out there. I mean look at the price difference! It’s $1.50 for a single bottle, $3 for a 24-pack. See my point?!?! 😄

– earphones.

– my “wallet on a string” from Henri Bendel. So so so convenient when you want to quickly run in the store and do not want the extra weight of the bag.

– Haris’ socks. Not sure how those got in my bag 🤔 maybe from last time when I was rushing to get him ready for swimming and packing what he would wear afterwards?!?! Oh well… 😄

So as you can see, I don’t have much in my bag. I used to carry around so many non-essential items that carrying the bag felt like a workout session. These days i try to stick to the essentials, and I see that some of them are missing like the hand lotion and some facial tissue! To be resolved on the next trip to Target ➡️➡️➡️

What about you? What do you typically carry in your handbag? Is it pretty heavy or reasonable?