I am an online shopper.

I buy clothes, shoes, watches, glasses, bags, kids shoes, bedding, chairs, etc. online. I am just unable to pass the convenience of online shopping, except when it comes to groceries! I have to see and feel the tomatoes before I pay for them 😄

I wasn’t always that way. In fact, when e-Commerce started to become a thing, i thought i’d never be able to adopt it. I felt that i needed to touch and feel things (not just the tomatoes!) before committing to buying them.

However things changed gradually.

I am tall, and most stores do not carry tall sizes in store. Only online. So I had to learn to get outside of my comfort zone if I didn’t want my pants to look like capris! Then came the “online exclusive” collections. Some items would show up on the brands websites, and only be available online. I’m talking about that red pair of shoes you’ve been frantically looking for, but could only find the black one at the store. Then the customer service. It degraded so badly. There were times when I couldn’t find a store associate to help me locate an item in the store, open a fitting room so I could try on my picks, or even check me out. Online, you check yourself out. No need to wait. No pressure (except when it says “only 1 left” 😄) It’s all done on your time. And I love it.

And oh, did I forget to mention that some departments stores have lower prices online than they have in the store?!?! It then makes perfect sense to save on gas (but miss out on steps!) and do it all from home.

How do you feel about online shopping? Are you completely in, or do you still feel the need to touch and feel? Let’s discuss!