Menswear is so easy, right? Just throw on some pants, add a button-down shirt, a blazer, some shoes, and be on your way!!!

Here i paired my latest Banana Republic blazer with destroyed jeans from Gap and oxford shoes by Cole Haan.

What I love about the blazer is that it’s a gingham pattern and you know that i’m completely obsessed with gingham! It’s also the Banana Republic Lean and Long cut which i adore! It’s nicely fitted and has the perfect length for us tall girls ⬆️

About the jeans… i want to say a huge thank you to Gap for bringing back real denim. You know what I mean?!?! I was getting tired of the overly thin and stretchy denim and so when Gap introduced their Cone denim, I was all over it! It’s got weight to it, like the older jeans but also has just the right amount of stretch to be flexible. I just love it ❤️

And the shoes… don’t you just love those Cole Haan women oxford shoes? They look amazing! I love the woven detail on them, and just how comfy they are. I like to pair them with jeans but i’ve also worn them with pencil skirts to create some contrast. I’ll be sharing some of those looks soon so stay tuned 😀

What do think of this look? Do you like to dress like a man sometimes? Let me know!