I am originally from the Ivory Coast (i think i shared that with you before). And in the Ivory Coast, it’s hot. Year round. Humid and hot. But mostly sunny. Most of the time. So i grew up associating sunny weather with hot temps.

Imagine my shock when I found out that sunny weather didn’t always equate hot temps. It was when I arrived in the US ~18 years ago during the winter season. My cousin picked me up at the airport, and as we were making our way outside, he asked that I wear my coat. My thoughts were “why do i need a coat when I can clearly see that it’s bright and sunny outside?”

Well I walked outside without my coat, and I learned it the hard and cold way:

during winter, ☀️ = ❄️


Have you had similar experiences before, where you thought you knew something and it turned out completely different? I’d love to hear your story!!!