Needless to say, i love a gingham pattern! My recent posts are proof that i mean it! I have a gingham handbag, a gingham scarf, a gingham swimsuit (stay tuned for that one!), gingham dresses, gingham blouses, gingham skirts, gingham shoes, a gingham hat, etc ▪️▫️▪️▫️

If you ask me why I obsess over such a simple pattern, my initial response would be something like “i don’t know… i just like it!” However, going back to my childhood, gingham was the pattern that girls’ uniforms had to be made out of. Boys wore plain khaki, and we wore gingham (or carreaux-carreaux as we used to call it in French). That was in elementary school. In middle and high school, girls wore blue skirts with white button down shirts, and boys still wore khaki!

So gingham takes me back to my childhood (I grew up in the Ivory Coast) and all the joyful experiences that came with it! Hide and seek with brother and sister, tennis lessons, neighborhood bike rides with my dad, play dates with friends, birthday celebrations, and so much more 🎉 just good ol’ days!

So now when you see me in the squares, you’ll kinda know why😄