I know you believe me when i say that i didn’t wear that dress to work 😄

It’s a fun dress by Express that i got a few years ago with the intent to use it as a tunic (in order to wear something long underneath it!). Us tall girls have to be creative because some of the clothes out there are just not cut with us in mind.

And the thing is, my sons would never let me walk out of the house in that dress. Intriguing how boys can be so protective of their moms! Yaz – my oldest son – has told me before that i “look more elegant with longer dresses”, his passive aggressive way of saying “please cover up!” 😄

And truth be told, the more coverage, the more comfortable i feel, but here i just felt like having fun and showing some leg!

How short can you go before self-consciousness and discomfort creep in?

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Handbag: Louis Vuitton