Belted Sweater Dress

Anytime, Anywhere

Before I get to the dress, let me tell you about last night! My 5th grader had a band concert at the High School. So you know the drill… i went to work, left early, stopped by Costco to pick up a few things, picked up the kid at school, stopped by BK to get him something to eat, rushed to the High School, managed to find a close parking spot, walked in the building, got him settled, tried to settle myself in the middle of a big crowd, then waved vigorously so he could see where I was sitting, … just let me cut it short and tell you about the concert: it was great! Kudos to the music teachers for coordinating so many kids, and to the kids for playing so well and making us parents so proud!!!

Now back to the dress! It’s my favorite sweater dress of the moment! I’m so glad Ann Taylor had it in tall so i would have enough coverage to wear it to work! And the belt! It is attached to the dress, and is quite long, so you have to wrap it around twice before you tie it up! I love it because it adds a pretty detail to the dress! I just hope that it washes well so I can enjoy it for many years. What about you, what is your favorite winter outfit of the moment?

Handbag: Louis Vuitton

Ringing the Bells!!!

Anytime, Anywhere

Bells sleeves have made a comeback, and i have not stayed on the sideline! Just like ruffles, i find that bell sleeves add a fun and sophisticated touch to any outfit! They can be worn to work, dates, weekend errands, and anything in between!

I got this dress at Target (another impulsive purchase of mine😁) while i was in for the kids’ yogurts and juice. Now the dairy aisle is not very close to the Women clothing aisle, and i don’t know how i managed to spot that one, so don’t ask me 😁

All i can say is, it feels great on, looks great, is easy to style, and above all, it was priced right!!!

Check it out before it’s gone!

Dress: Who What Wear

Boots: Cole Haan

Handbag: Bvlgari

“❄️Coldest 🏈Super Bowl 🏈Sunday in History” !!!

Anytime, Anywhere

I wish the weather had been warmer so I could have checked out some of the fun outdoor events leading up to Super Bowl Sunday in the twin cities! However, with temperatures in the single digits, i never got the energy to drive the 20+ miles to downtown Mpls and stand with thousands of others in a cold that makes my dark skin turn red 😊 what i did today: stayed home, and stayed warm!!!

Sweater: Athleta

“Magic Mirror on the Wall, who is the Fairest One of All?”

Anytime, Anywhere

I sometimes wonder what life would be like if I never got to see my reflection. The awareness of one’s image comes with so many things… one of them being comparison. Think about it! Would you feel “less” beautiful if you didn’t know what you actually looked like? Maybe we would see ourselves in others a little more and be more compassionate if we didn’t have a mental image of who we are.

What i know for sure is that I would spend much less on clothing, skin care, make-up, and would have fewer pit stops in the women’s restroom to check myself!!!

What do you think would be different if you were not aware of your image?

White Button Down Shirt: Banana Republic

Scarf: Ann Taylor

Belt: BCBG