Many reasons have kept me from fully expressing myself: worrying about hurting others’ feelings, doubting my rationale, being unsure of others’ response, keeping secrets, and the list goes on. I am sure most of you can relate to this. Holding “things” inside can be heavy at times, and so i had to learn how to get out of people’s head (that’s right, stop thinking about what people are thinking) and do what’d be right for me. I started to be more diplomatic in my communication by validating others’ perspectives so they would feel less defensive about my perspectives. I also started to jot down my thoughts so i could ensure that they were organized before i would speak them out. And the biggest thing that got me to be more expressive is just getting older. There’s so much experience, wisdom and confidence that comes with every birthday that you stop to give a *&-@- about others and Just Speak Your Mind!