Blue Jersey Dress

Anytime, Anywhere

Every girl needs a jersey dress! Why? Because jersey stretches with you, is easy to put on (usually no zipper or closures of any sort), and generally offers fun patterns. This is one of my favorite dresses. The color is fun and works well in the summer. It’s versatile enough for work and weekends. And best of all for those of us who do some traveling for work: it travels perfectly. Forget about having to do any ironing while you are on the road! What’s your favorite thing about jersey?

Dress: Ralph Lauren

Handbag: Coach

Shoes: Vince Camuto

What Red Can do to Black and White

Anytime, Anywhere

Pencil skirt, cami, cardigan: these constitute my uniform! We all have days when we just cannot make up our minds on what to wear. Well, on those days, i reach for a pencil skirt, a cotton cami, and a cardigan. Amazing what this trio can do, especially when you mix colors to create a polished effect! It’s nice to trick people into thinking you you had planned your outfit days ahead!

Pencil skirt: The Limited

Cardigan: White House Black Market

Handbag: Henri Bendel

Monochromatic Color Blocking: Blue Tee with Blue Skirt

Anytime, Anywhere

I know i’m playing with words and confusing the heck out of you right now: how can you have monochromatic and colorblock in the same sentence? Well, i didn’t think you could either, until i started mixing colors of the same family and noticed that some were different enough to produce a colorblocking effect. Would you agree?

Tee: White House Black Market

Skirt: INC International Concepts

Striped Tie Pants

Anytime, Anywhere

When i hit Target, it’s mostly to get groceries (and wander in the nail polish section because that’s a weakness of mine too!) However there are days when as you open the freezer door to get the ice cream, your eyes catch the pair of pants that’s 2 aisles down. That’s when you put down the grocery list for a minute and venture over to that side of the store. And you are pleasantly surprised to discover the style and quality that Target has to offer! Those pants caught my attention on a whim. They are made of linen, feel soft and comfortable, and have a belt that adds a nice feminine touch. I grabbed them, tried them on, threw them in the cart, and went back to the grocery list 😁

Color Block: Orange Skirt and Navy Top

Anytime, Anywhere

Ok! Let me start by disclosing this: i am typically not a color person. I tend to gravitate toward the black/white/neutral palette. So if you wonder how i ended up in this bright orange skirt, then keep reading! I saw it at the store and the following happened: the color stood out, the material was perfect, the length was just right for us tall girls. So i thought i would try it on. And then my girlfriends raved about how good it looked. So i bought it. End of story 😊

Skirt: Ann Taylor

Cropped Top: Banana Republic